Kangaroo-apple spreading in Churchyard

Kangeroo-apple fruit
Kangaroo-apple (Solanum laciniatum)   Photo: Jo Parmenter

Not a kangaroo to be seen in Great Ryburgh churchyard today, but there were a number of shrubs of this plant, bearing strange green fruit and apparently seeding quite freely about the churchyard.   After a bit of racking of brains, recalling past holidays and phoning a friend, we established that these were Solanum laciniatum, the oddly-named Kangaroo-apple and the identification was soon confirmed by a very nice lady who was there to do the flower arrangements for Sunday. 

Kangeroo Apple
Kangaroo-apple (Solanum laciniatum)   Photo: Jo Parmenter

The BSBI distribution map shows that this species has a pronouncedly southerly and coastal distribution. Kangaroo-apple is native to Australia and New Zealand where it forms bushy shrubs that grow to around 3m and in the summer they are covered in flamboyant purple blossoms.

Jo Parmenter 19.01.2019